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Gemma, but just call me Wolfy
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom

I'm just a girl who does things. Art isn't my talent, it's just a hobby so don't expect anything too amazing from the gallery. I mainly draw traditional, but I will try digital or colour some free lineart every now and then ^^
Enjoy my stoofz c:

And before anyone brings this up, I'd just like to note that my art isn't open for criticism. Improvement is very personal to me and I'd rather work out how to develop on my own than have anyone else tell me how to do so. Because of this, I've disabled all comments on my art, however I've left any cosplay or literature open for criticism as that's not an area I take as personally as art ^^

Oh yeah, just gonna point out that I'm extremely socially anxious, so if you've left a comment and got no response for a few days, that's probably because I've completely lost my shit and is currently panicking and debating whether I should reply to you or not ;^; (Unless you're a friend, of course)

Minecraft Stamp by kimbo2450I .heart. Japan Stamp by SakuraStarsProud to be an OTAKU by Jongin-Oppa
Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutanStamp :: Vocaloid by u-sagiHetalia animation stamp by Naru-Nisa
Otaku is an INSULT... by AegisXIIIHetalia Fan by dragon-sigmaGirl Gamer Stamp by Eisoptrophobic
ChaoticMonki Stamp by HowlingKnightJapan stamp by Naru-NisaStreamDay by JadeofAllTrades

Other places you can find me~
Wolf-Haven - TheBigBadWolf
Twitter - @PsycHOTicWolfy - TheBigBadWolf99
Skype - live:gemmaledbury (Public name: TheBigBadWolf - Wolfy)
Google+ - Gemstone Wolfy

DeviantID by :icontails-crossing: ~ <3


~Japan~ by WingedSilverWolf
So yeah, my closest friends and people I have in my Skype contacts know what this is. Basically, back in Summer I wanted to draw something to commemorate the beautiful country of Japan, and this is what I managed to conjure up. I've never been one for colours, which is why this took soooooo long, and I know the colouring isn't great but like I said, I've never actually used colours before..

But anyway, I'm going to start trying to get more colour into my drawings, be it pencil colouring or watercolouring, I'm just going to try ^^
Again, sorry for taking so long on this, I just procrastinate on big projects like this x33
Tagged by this buttface :iconhimesamaroso:


1) You must post the rules.

2) Share 10 facts about you.

3) Answer 10 questions asked by the one who tagged you and make 10 questions for the people you tagged.

4) Tag 3 people in the journal.

5) No "you're tagged if you read this" things.

6) Tag 3 legitimate people. 

7) No tag backs.

8) You can't say you don't tag.

9) Make a journal, don't comment it.

~Facts about me~

1. I'm an extreme hardcore gamer and otakua, and I seriously mean it, don't question it.

2. I'm slightly retarded when it comes to maths (Fs for GCSE finals here I come!)

3. I love heavy music, whether it be some juicy dubstep or heavy metal, calm music is never an option for me~!

4. I love to make scenarios in my head in which I become Gemstone and fight my favourite anime characters in combat.

5. I am sexually attracted to walruses
I'm actually bisexual / mangasexual, with means I'm attracted to anime / manga characters of either gender ^^

6. I love Japanese, British, Russian and American history <333

7. I'm not very self 
conscious, unlike most girls I love myself and everything about me, the only thing I'm actually conscious about is my art. I will literally procrastinate for hours because I saw a piece of art that is better than what I drew, and I've kinda hammered it into my head that I'm only a good artist in my own eyes, are everyone else are just trying to be nice and say I'm a good artist because I can't actually draw for shit ^^'

8. I have a terrible weakness for anything soft, fluffy, or just plain adorable in itself! This is why I have problems watching anime, especially Hetalia because I am constantly squealing over how fucking kawaii sugoi the characters are <3

9. I literally loved to be hugged and pet on the head by people who have priority to touch me. However, I become extremely aware of personal space when I'm around people I don't like touching me... I'm basically Japan xDD

10. I'm full on tsundere, I love some people and will protect them with my life, and are grumpy towards others. I'm also a tiny bit yandere in a sense I like to sit in class and think about different methods of torturing people I don't like c:


1. "What kind of music do you like?"
Though I prefer gaming soundtrack, dubstep, heavy metal and J-pop, I'll listen to any other genre if it's a good song ^^

2. "Do you like to art?"

3. "Are you dirty-minded in anyway?"
Oh goodness don't even get me started. People don't even realise how much I flirt because of how super innocent and adorable I act when I do, but in the reality what goes through this mind is a lot more than most can handle... ;3
*All of my internet friends right now: Komari Kud Rin (Scaredy-cats) [V4] *

4. "What's you life goals?"
To eat tomatoes and get drunk (Hetalia reference anyone?)! 
I actually want to work with animals when I'm older, whether it be in a veterinary or a farm, I just want to take care of them either way.

5. "How did you stumble upon Deviantart?"
Four years ago when I was still both an art and internet n00b I came across a dragon artist on a dragon fansite, she had linked her dA account on her profile page, and because I absolutely adored her art I went and checked it out :3

6. "Waffles?"
How aboot pancakes? Canada and kumajiro 

7. "Are you more mature than your age, or less mature?"
It's a mix really, though I'm generally a lot less mature than my age, I like to act a lot older when I'm being a smart ass~ x33

8. "We're nearing the end o.o"

9. "How do you wind down at the end of the day?"
Hetalia, lucozade, a 7 o clock siesta, BOOM

10. "Did ya have fun with my random, ADD questions?"
 Cat Bread Face 

~My questions~

1. Have you ever played Goat simulator?
2. Do you like anime? If yes, which ones?
3. Favourite fantasy animal?
4. Check under your bed, is Freddy Fazbear there?
5. Favourite video games?
6. Do you know any languages? Which ones?
7. On a scale of 1 to Prussia, how awesome am I? APH Prussia 
8. What's your spirit animal?
9. Are you high, drunk, or both right now?
10. What would you do if your idol turned up at your door?


My three discord buddies!

~Final words?~

APH Prussia tackle hug 
  • Mood: Sociable

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Oh hey, thank you~! Yours is amazing too, you have such a lovely art style! ^^
I haven't seen you since work experience, how has life been for you? :3
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I did! It was sad and inspirational, but beautiful in a way <:'D
You're an amazing artist, I hope to see you continue your wonderful works ^^
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Aw, thank you so much! I appreciate your kindness more than you know. :heart:
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Jak laugh how are ya?
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