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Gemma, but just call me Wolfy
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom

I'm just a girl who does things. Art isn't my talent, it's just a hobby so don't expect anything too amazing from the gallery. I mainly draw traditional, but I will try digital or colour some free lineart every now and then ^^
Enjoy my stoofz c:

And before anyone brings this up, I'd just like to note that my art isn't open for criticism. Improvement is very personal to me and I'd rather work out how to develop on my own than have anyone else tell me how to do so. Because of this, I've disabled all comments on my art, however I've left any cosplay or literature open for criticism as that's not an area I take as personally as art ^^

Oh yeah, just gonna point out that I'm extremely socially anxious, so if you've left a comment and got no response for a few days, that's probably because I've completely lost my shit and is currently panicking and debating whether I should reply to you or not ;^; (Unless you're a friend, of course)

Minecraft Stamp by kimbo2450I .heart. Japan Stamp by SakuraStarsProud to be an OTAKU by Jongin-Oppa
Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutanStamp :: Vocaloid by u-sagiHetalia animation stamp by Naru-Nisa
Otaku is an INSULT... by AegisXIIIHetalia Fan by dragon-sigmaGirl Gamer Stamp by Eisoptrophobic
ChaoticMonki Stamp by HowlingKnightJapan stamp by Naru-NisaStreamDay by JadeofAllTrades

Other places you can find me~
Wolf-Haven - TheBigBadWolf
Twitter - @PsycHOTicWolfy - TheBigBadWolf99
Skype - live:gemmaledbury (Public name: TheBigBadWolf - Wolfy)
Google+ - Gemstone Wolfy

DeviantID by :icontails-crossing: ~ <3


~Japan~ by WingedSilverWolf
So yeah, my closest friends and people I have in my Skype contacts know what this is. Basically, back in Summer I wanted to draw something to commemorate the beautiful country of Japan, and this is what I managed to conjure up. I've never been one for colours, which is why this took soooooo long, and I know the colouring isn't great but like I said, I've never actually used colours before..

But anyway, I'm going to start trying to get more colour into my drawings, be it pencil colouring or watercolouring, I'm just going to try ^^
Again, sorry for taking so long on this, I just procrastinate on big projects like this x33
Florence Bonnefoy - Profile

Full name: Florence. Acelin. Bonnefoy.

Nickname(s): Bonnie.

Age: 20 years old.

Gender: Male.

Species: Vampire, though he was born a human.

Occupation: Bartender.

Element(s): Water.

Nationality: 100% French

Resides: Rural Japan, sharing a country house with Kasai, DS and Gemstone. He also owns a room at the Inn he works in, just in case he ever finds himself stranded at the bar late at night.

Sexuality: Straight.

Family: Florence had a twin sister, who currently works as a lawyer in France (she is not vampiric). His parents also still live in France, after he moved to Japan to be with his friends.

- Ryujin the Eastern dragon of fortune,
- Darkened Smoke the part human, part feline Magician,
- Kasai the crimson and white snake of sin,
- Gemstone the fallen wolf of fire,
- Serenity the four-winged dragon of summer.

Offspring: None.

Lover: None, though he tends to flirt with costumers, and has been on dates with many women, and even slept around with some.

Voice: Deep and strongly accented. His voice is actually very pleasant to listen to, being his French accent makes his voice sound gentle and even has a light musical hilt to it. Though he rarely raises his voice, those who have witnessed him shout report that it is truly terrifying.

Defining traits:
- Loving personality,
- Flirting with many girls but not to a point they feel uncomfortable,
- His love for alcohol,
- Unique poetry writing skills,
- His lovely singing voice.

Health conditions: Vampiric.

Personality: Florence is a loving, playful and yet flirty 20-year-old vampire. He has a very touchy-feely relationship when it comes to his closest, often tugging on their sleeves or holding onto their arm as a sign of affection. Of course, this is all completely done out of friendship rather than anything else, being Florence likes to stay close to his friends both physically and emotionally. However, Florence can also be very flirtatious at times, flirting with costumers at his bar-inn or even playfully flirting with his female friends at times, often making flattering comments or handing them flowers every now, which is accepted considering Gemstone and company have known him for so long. However, Florence can be a little selfish or even vein sometimes, and sometimes puts himself first in front of others. Though, like his flirting, this is completely accepted and worked-upon by his friends, as they would with any flaws that make each other unique.

- Draining blood from enemies,
- Becoming a flock of bats,
- Becoming almost invisible in the darkness,
- Seductive aura.

Physical appearance: Florence is a tall, muscular man, with largely protruding shoulders and fairly masculine arms. He has long blond hair, a few strands being hazel, and a large cowlick that hags over his head much like Gemstone's. His eyes are a crystal blue, and are almost soul-piercing from the light shades of blue that make even the clear summer sky look dim. He is average height, and has two little black tattoo-like markings under his eyes, and a much larger tattoo-like marking that engulfs most of his muscular back. His arms are very hairy, and he sports two large fangs from his mouth that are mainly visible when he smiles. His eyes tend to change colour at times; purple when he is aroused; light turquoise when he is very happy; red when he is angry or hungry for blood; pale white whenever he is tired or upset.

Height: 5'10''

Weight: 75 kg

History: Like his draconic friend, Serenity, Florence's life-before-profile was a very lonely one. As he entered his teenage years, his friends at school began to avoid him for unknown reasons, and he ended up alone with no friend to turn to or no shoulder to cry on. He would wander alone, through the streets of Paris, after a long school day with not a soul to converse with. However, Florence didn't hate this loneliness, he embraced it in fact, and simply enjoyed the peace and quiet he had been granted with. However, upon crossing the lively streets one day, he came across a group of teenage girls and boys, only a little older than him, who convinced him to attend a meeting with them in the forest late at night. Florence was gullible and lonely, and he merely needed someone, so quickly agreed and prepared for the night spent with his new friends. Upon meeting his friends, they convinced him to drink, and he gladly accepted, afraid he'd lose his new company if he didn't. Over time, Florence got more and more wasted, eventually 'til the point he was stumbling and falling. A girl approached him, and offered to kiss him in the heat of the moment. Once again, he agreed, the worst mistake of his life. The girl was a vampire, along with the rested of the kids he had met, and she bit him, sapping his blood and leaving him unconsciousness and alone in the middle of the forest to become one of them.

Florence was 18 and this point, and it had been weeks since the vampire assault. He had noticed changes in his body, such as his fangs enlarging, his body becoming more muscular, and his eyes were beginning to rapidly change colour. He, being the calm-person he was, embraced his new life as a vampire, and decided to keep it secret to prevent being caught by authorities. However, other time, he began to have uncontrollable urges to kill and feed, and found he couldn't even eat human food anymore without vomiting. He had to feed or he'd starve to death, so used his job as a bartender as an advantage, killing young men and women by getting them drunk then exploiting them. Over time, Florence's primary blood-lust began to fade, and realising the horror he was causing, so quickly became a "vegetarian vampire", only feeding on the blood of wild animals and fish. Eventually, Florence moved away to Japan to forget his murderous past of drinking human blood, and meet Gemstone and company. He currently works in an Inn, not far from the shared country-house he lives in.

- Poetry,
- Artwork,
- Alcohol,
- Women,
- Music.

Habits: As if it is natural instinct, Florence tends to flirt with any women he interacts with, but he will not flirt with said women until they feel uncomfortable, or approach any women from afar. If a women he is flirting with does start to feel uncomfortable, he will either sense it and stop, or stop as soon as she asks him to, he will not push boundaries.

Talents: Cooking, singing, writing poetry, mixing alcohol.

Preferred clothing: Snazzy clothing, such as waistcoats, bowties, and cloaks. He can dress casual, however, which is mainly how he dresses on hot summer days, or simply days away from work.

Preferred music style: Classic.

Theme song: Undecided.

Signature items/phrases/actions/places: Florence constantly tends to a large rose patch in his shared garden, and requests DS to use her magic to grow the roses in a plethora of colours, his most favoured being dark blue roses.
Florence Bonnefoy, the vampiric bartender: Profile
Before anyone accuses me of copying, please keep in mind that this character's personality and appearance is greatly inspired by France from Hetalia, Florence's second name "Bonnefoy" suggests this clearly. Do not think I'm am ripping France off, Florence is simply inspired by him and his design.

One word for the emotion I'm feeling.
Relief that these are finally done and that I can finally move on to school work, hooray~! *children cheer in the background*
I also had a lot of help from a friend with this one, she hasn't got a dA account, but I'm on skype with her right now, and she knows who she is. Shout out to you, Hawky~!

Not gonna say much else except from the fact that this guy is literally the smexiest out of all my characters! Well, I guess he's based off of France so why wouldn't he be? <3
Watercolour studies: Hiroshige by WingedSilverWolf
Watercolour studies: Hiroshige
Well well, this is something new, isn't it?
Did Wolfy really just post a COLOURED drawing??!
What Blasphemy is this?

It's not blasphemy, my loyal viewer, it's truth! We've been doing some artist and "Sense of place" studies in art class at school, and the artist I chose was Utagawa Hiroshige, a Japanese ukiyo-e artist~! Hiroshige focused a lot on Japanese landscape, and did a lot of fish and bird anatomy studies and portraits, such as the once I've transcribed. I know the colours are a bit off, but it was the best I could get without completly soaking and ruining the painting with watercolours ^^'

Enjoy~ ;3
Serenity Constanza - Profile

Full name: Serenity. Luz. Constanza.

Nickname(s): Serene.

Age: 120 years old.

Gender: Female.

Species: Four-winged Western dragon.

Occupation: Bard.

Element(s): Wind.

Nationality: 100% Spanish

Resides: Rural Japan, living within the forests outside of urban Japan.

Sexuality: Homosexual.

Family: Serenity was an only child much like Ryujin. Her father moved on after she hatched, and she only briefly saw her mother because she was usually far out in the ocean catching fish, which would take roughly about a week to return.

- Ryujin the Eastern dragon of fortune,
- Darkened Smoke the part human, part feline Magician,
- Kasai the crimson and white snake of sin,
- Gemstone the fallen wolf of fire.
- Florence the peaceful vampiric being.

Offspring: None.

Lover: None.

Voice: Her voice is that of an average female's, but has a silky accent to it, and is very smooth and perfect for singing with.

Defining traits:
- Her great singing voice,
- Her ability to play the lute, piano and violin,
- Bipolar,
- Her love of performing.

Health conditions: Bipolar disorder.

Personality: Serenity's personality is a strange one at that. It "jumps" around at a pace faster than the speed of light, ranging from completely carefree and happy to aggressive and depressive. Though she is generally a caring and loving girl, she can turn on those she loves extremely quickly, whether they've done something to upset her or not. This is something she cannot be blamed for, however, due to her bipolar disorder it is almost unavoidable for her to become hostile at completely random times. Being serenity's friend means this is something that must be accepted, and loved for a flaw that makes this four-winged bard completely unique, in her own bipolar way. She also has a very bad habit of being overprotective of her loved ones, which was a habit she picked up from Gemstone after all the years of being her close friend.

- Using her claws to hold and play instruments,
- Creating tornadoes out of thin air,
- Emitting strong gusts of wind from her jaws,
- Flying at extreme speeds.

Physical appearance: Serenity's body is streamline, thin, and similar to that of a greyhound's. Her scales are a palatinate blue, whilst bubbly baby blue and white makings travel from the back of her head, past her shoulders and cut off just where her tail starts. Her head is very bird-like, and she has three sets of baby blue horns, and some smaller spikes surrounding both above and below her golden slit eyes. There are several gold piercings her covering her horns, and her two sets of wings are both azure with white markings. Baby blue spikes travel down her neck and cut off at her jewelled bard armour, whilst two bigger blue horns rest at the end of her tail, followed up by a white puffy substance that appears to be a small clump of cloud.

Height: --

Weight: --

History: Serenity's childhood was a very lonely one. Due to the tendencies of her race, her father left her after she hatched as an only child, and her mother was rarely around due to hunting weeks out into the Ocean they lived by. Her mother did love Serenity, she loved her with all her heart, but she was simply doing what she could to help both her child and herself survive, and Serenity understood this and accepted the loneliness of being an only child. Because Serenity was alone most of her childhood, she is extremely awkward when it comes to social experiences today.

One week, whilst her mother was out hunting far out into the sea, she came across a shipwreck that was newly sunk with no signs of life, and decided to search the ship for any food or treasure that she could bring back for her daughter. After hours of ravaging the large ship, she found across nothing of use, before finally coming across the Captain's cabin deep in the flooded corridoors of the ship. Breaking in, she came across a lute, that was supposedly treasure due to the diamonds, emeralds and sapphires decorating the base. The mother took the lute back to Serenity, who in turn used it to entertain herself whilst her mother was gone weekly. Eventually, she learned to play the lute, and left her nest and her mother to learn about music, and learn even more instruments such as the piano and violin.

- Music,
- Singing,
- Dancing,
- Oceans,
- Admiring artwork.

Habits: Like mentioned before, Serenity tends to be overprotective of her friends, which is a habit she has picked up from Gemstone, who is more than ready to threaten or even kill anyone who bares a threat to her or her friends.

Talents: Singing, playing lute, piano and violin.

Preferred clothing: --

Preferred music style: Though she prefers classical, she loves any music that is good.

Theme song: A thousand year solo - Kaito shion.…

Signature items/phrases/actions/places: Serenity's signature item is her jewelled lute, that can usually be seen strapped to her back whenever she is on the move. This lute is believed to be magic due to the fact that it glows a beautiful golden whenever it is played to a certain extent.
Serenity Constanza, the draconic bard: Profile
My back hurts, I've been typing too much today ;^;
Anyway, I finally managed to type a profile for my adorable Bipolar dragon, Serenity! And damn, typing this out took longer than the other profiles because of my back.. I need a back rub. Will anyone give me a back rub? T^T
Not gonna type a big description because my back is so sore..

Serenity is a Spanish-based word for "peace" or "serene" , whilst Luz means "light" and Constanza means "constance".
Will be doing a profile for my new character, Florence Acelin Bonnefoy the French vampire soon enough. Just need to finalise his appearance and come up with a personality/history for him ^^
Tagged by this buttface :iconhimesamaroso:


1) You must post the rules.

2) Share 10 facts about you.

3) Answer 10 questions asked by the one who tagged you and make 10 questions for the people you tagged.

4) Tag 3 people in the journal.

5) No "you're tagged if you read this" things.

6) Tag 3 legitimate people. 

7) No tag backs.

8) You can't say you don't tag.

9) Make a journal, don't comment it.

~Facts about me~

1. I'm an extreme hardcore gamer and otakua, and I seriously mean it, don't question it.

2. I'm slightly retarded when it comes to maths (Fs for GCSE finals here I come!)

3. I love heavy music, whether it be some juicy dubstep or heavy metal, calm music is never an option for me~!

4. I love to make scenarios in my head in which I become Gemstone and fight my favourite anime characters in combat.

5. I am sexually attracted to walruses
I'm actually bisexual / mangasexual, with means I'm attracted to anime / manga characters of either gender ^^

6. I love Japanese, British, Russian and American history <333

7. I'm not very self 
conscious, unlike most girls I love myself and everything about me, the only thing I'm actually conscious about is my art. I will literally procrastinate for hours because I saw a piece of art that is better than what I drew, and I've kinda hammered it into my head that I'm only a good artist in my own eyes, are everyone else are just trying to be nice and say I'm a good artist because I can't actually draw for shit ^^'

8. I have a terrible weakness for anything soft, fluffy, or just plain adorable in itself! This is why I have problems watching anime, especially Hetalia because I am constantly squealing over how fucking kawaii sugoi the characters are <3

9. I literally loved to be hugged and pet on the head by people who have priority to touch me. However, I become extremely aware of personal space when I'm around people I don't like touching me... I'm basically Japan xDD

10. I'm full on tsundere, I love some people and will protect them with my life, and are grumpy towards others. I'm also a tiny bit yandere in a sense I like to sit in class and think about different methods of torturing people I don't like c:


1. "What kind of music do you like?"
Though I prefer gaming soundtrack, dubstep, heavy metal and J-pop, I'll listen to any other genre if it's a good song ^^

2. "Do you like to art?"

3. "Are you dirty-minded in anyway?"
Oh goodness don't even get me started. People don't even realise how much I flirt because of how super innocent and adorable I act when I do, but in the reality what goes through this mind is a lot more than most can handle... ;3
*All of my internet friends right now: Komari Kud Rin (Scaredy-cats) [V4] *

4. "What's you life goals?"
To eat tomatoes and get drunk (Hetalia reference anyone?)! 
I actually want to work with animals when I'm older, whether it be in a veterinary or a farm, I just want to take care of them either way.

5. "How did you stumble upon Deviantart?"
Four years ago when I was still both an art and internet n00b I came across a dragon artist on a dragon fansite, she had linked her dA account on her profile page, and because I absolutely adored her art I went and checked it out :3

6. "Waffles?"
How aboot pancakes? Canada and kumajiro 

7. "Are you more mature than your age, or less mature?"
It's a mix really, though I'm generally a lot less mature than my age, I like to act a lot older when I'm being a smart ass~ x33

8. "We're nearing the end o.o"

9. "How do you wind down at the end of the day?"
Hetalia, lucozade, a 7 o clock siesta, BOOM

10. "Did ya have fun with my random, ADD questions?"
 Cat Bread Face 

~My questions~

1. Have you ever played Goat simulator?
2. Do you like anime? If yes, which ones?
3. Favourite fantasy animal?
4. Check under your bed, is Freddy Fazbear there?
5. Favourite video games?
6. Do you know any languages? Which ones?
7. On a scale of 1 to Prussia, how awesome am I? APH Prussia 
8. What's your spirit animal?
9. Are you high, drunk, or both right now?
10. What would you do if your idol turned up at your door?


My three discord buddies!

~Final words?~

APH Prussia tackle hug 
  • Mood: Sociable

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