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WingedSilverWolf's Profile Picture
Gemma, but just call me Wolfy
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom

I'm just a girl who does things. Art isn't my talent, it's just a hobby so don't expect anything too amazing from the gallery. I mainly draw traditional, but I will try digital or colour some free lineart every now and then ^^
Enjoy my stoofz c:

And before anyone brings this up, I'd just like to note that my art isn't open for criticism. Improvement is very personal to me and I'd rather work out how to develop on my own than have anyone else tell me how to do so. Because of this, I've disabled all comments on my art, however I've left any cosplay or literature open for criticism as that's not an area I take as personally as art ^^

I'd also like to mention that I don't always my update my art on this website. Sometimes I change and edit my art, but don't bother to scan it in and save it over the deviation since that takes too much work. So to put it lightly, take all my art with a pinch of salt, since I may of made some major changes to it irl but never got around to changing it on the site. That is all! <33

Minecraft Stamp by kimbo2450I .heart. Japan Stamp by SakuraStarsJapan is not a fashion label 2.0 by ditto9
Stamp :: Vocaloid by u-sagiHetalia animation stamp by Naru-Nisavideo game stamp by silver-escape
Stamp 1 - Japan by satakigreendragonHetalia Fan by dragon-sigmaGamer Stamp by ClefairyKid
ChaoticMonki Stamp by HowlingKnightJapan stamp by Naru-NisaStreamDay by JadeofAllTrades
five nights at freddy's stamp by kawaiicunt-stampsSebastian from Black Butler stamp by XiahismBritish Flag Stamp by Timesplitter92

Other places you can find me~
Wolf-Haven - TheBigBadWolf
Twitter - @PsycHOTicWolfy
Skype - live:gemmaledbury9 (Public name: TheBigBadWolf - Wolfy)
Google+ - Gemstone Wolfy

See you later!
FUKKIRETA stamp~~~ by CrystheWaterNinja
Okay, so I'm pretty sure almost all my online friends (and maybe irl ones) managed to catch my journal entry of coming out the closet as transgender last time, and I'm so glad I got as much support as I did, from all of you. So to my accepting friends of various websites and contacts, thank you, I've never felt more confident with my gender identity as I do now.

Now, let's just move onto something I briefly mentioned in the last journal.
The whole "I don't care whether you refer to me as a male or female" thing.

So today, in relation to this topic, a very rude user privately messaged me and told me that he/she didn't believe I was transgender, as from the pictures I have of myself on this website, he/she refused to accept that I was transgender purely because of the long hair and (slightly) feminine and cuddly attitude I have online.
Okay, first of all, fuck you for being so rude.
And second of all, congratulations on judging an entire society of unique and brave people. In case you've forgotten, transgender people are humans aswell as cisgender people, so who are you to judge? Like any normal person, transgender citizens are all unique in appearance, personality, and in talents, so why bother setting a "appearance stereotype" when we all look different? You can't line up a bunch of random people and pick out any possible transgender people for their looks, you'd guess wrongly. Sure, a lot of transgender girls like to wear their hair short, and transgender boys like to grow their hair out and shave their body, but that's what they want to look like and even though it's a popular style among transgender people, you still can't call a girl out on being transgender or not because of their hairstyle. I have many female friends, and quite a few of such have short hair, yet none of them are transgender. Heck, what's wrong with a boy having long hair? Absolutely nothing.

Now let's get a little more personal with this.

As I mentioned briefly before in my last journal, I do not give a shit whether my friends refer to me as male or female, and that's true. Though I prefer new friends to refer to me as male since it wouldn't be so hard to get out of the habit of referring to me as a girl, I still do not give a flying turd what people refer to me as. It's just like how I don't care if my room is pink, or if my hair is long, or if my attitude is girly, or whatever. I'm not as hardcore about my gender identity as few others, I've learned to accept that I was put on this earth as a female, and that's it. I don't want to get my breasts removed, or get a transition, or inject myself with male hormones, I just want people to accept that I see myself as a boy and so my mentality should be respected. Sure, there have been nights where I've sat shirtless in my room, staring at my torso and chest in the mirror with tears running down my face, or even growling in jealousy at Germany during a Hetalia session for his raw manliness and husky voice, but I've never really been too serious about my masculine state of mind. Heck, even the character that subtly represents me is female, adding to the fact that I don't give a shit which gender I'm seen as. And to be totally honest, I do feel a bit blessed when it comes to my body. I have small breasts, a deep voice, and I'm coming up 5'8'', which is pretty tall for a "girl" of my age.

Overall, what I'm trying to say is you can't judge or stereotype someone because of their gender.
Boys can have long hair, like pink things, have a cuddling attitude and be totally cisgender.
Girls can have short hair, like video games and football, have a manly attitude and be totally cisgender.
But the same goes for transgender people, transgender girls can have long hair, like pink and make up, and still believe they're a boy, and transgender boys can like football and video games, and also believe they're a girl.

I'm also trying to say that I'm part of both demographics, really. Though I'll always mutter a quick "he" under my breath whenever a teacher or higher-up refers to me as a she, and I'll always enjoy having long hair and a cuddly attitude, and I totally don't give a shit which gender people choose to see me as. To be honest, I can't imagine life without my long hair, and so even if I was a boy I'd probably have long hair anyway, since having long hair is a blessing that keeps my neck warm, and gives my nervous hands something to fiddle with. I'm generally quite a cuddly person anyway, despite my dislike of being touched, I like to express how much I wanna cuddle people despite the fact that there's constantly an inner turmoil of whether I wanna touch the person/character or not.

So yeah, don't make me have to write another one of these journals, you silly, rude user. I'm going through some hardships with both my school (exams and such), my family and my mental health right now, so it's not helpful when people are backlashing at me like this.

That's all for now~
- Wolfy.
  • Mood: Nervous


Oszander Potente - Profile

Full name: Oszander .Vedere .Potente

Nickname(s): Ozzy, Potent.

Age: xxxx - current day. Currently unknown, though he is only a little older than Silver, who is indeed only a few hundred years old.

Birth date: 6th of June.

Gender: Male.

Species: Oszander was originally born as an angel, but banished himself to become a fallen angel, otherwise known as a Grim reaper of souls.

Occupation: Grim reaper of souls.

Element(s): Earth.

Defining keyword: Gracious.

Nationality: 20% Italian (from mortal origin), 80% immortal.

Resides: Oszander doesn't reside anywhere, as he prefers to move around, only stopping for quick rests, or if injured or experiencing extremely bad climates. His job as a soul reaper keeps him on his feet throughout the day and night cycle.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Family: Silver Potente, but after the brutal fight held in the angelic court hall, he no longer considers her a blood-related family member anymore.

Gemstone the fallen wolf of fire,
Kasai the white snake of sin,
Serenity the four-winged dragon of Summer.
(He trusts little to no one when it comes to relationships).

Offspring: None, though he does plan on finding a mortal partner and having a litter in the future.

Lover: None, however he had a small infactuation with Pearl before she was killed by Silver, and constantly would compete with another young dragon named Aether for her attention and friendship. He usually found himself on the losing side.

Voice: Due to the large amount of time spent on earth -more specifically where his mortal ancestors came from; Italy-, he has a very strong and deep Italian accent, usually curling or complimenting his mood whenever he may feel upbeat emotions. His voice is very strong and has a slit musical lilt to it, much like Serenity's, as she is of Spanish origin.

Defining traits:
Lone wolf overlook,
Anti-social behaviour,
A large amount of patience,
A tendency to be soft-spoken and quiet.

Health conditions: None.

Personality: Oszander is a mysterious wolf, with the quiet and patient attitude of a meditating wise elder, and the powerful ability to hold his fierce temper. It is very well known that Oszander is extremely anti-social and prefers to advance on his own, having a very "lone wolf" attitude to life and his social group. Whenever he is around people, however, he can be easily tempted to join in the fun behaviour that his small group of friends may bring out of him, though he mainly sees these random bursts of excitement he gets from his friends as "the worst side of him". Oszander is soft-spoken, and generally refrains from speaking whenever he feels he does not need to speak, and can even be very shy at times, especially around strangers and female wolves. Like Gemstone, he finds it very difficult to handle his emotions and so locks them away in fright, unlike his demonic friend, who generally releases these emotions through explosive bursts of temper. At the end of the day, Oszander is generally a very playful wolf, but since he was taught what he calls "gracious obedience" as an angel, he prefers to keep these positive emotions kept away in side of him, using his quiet and shy self as a dummy for who he really is.

- Summoning his darkened scythe from thin air,
- The ability to have a slight control over gravity,
- Invisibility,
- Great jumping ability.

Physical appearance: Oszander's body is buff and well-built, and much like his sister, his fur is very long around the underbelly, leg, tail and chest areas. His fur coat is pure albino, with a long black strip that extends on either side of his body from his nose, underneath his blood red eyes, down his black and ending on the tip of his massively furry squirrel-like tail. Underneath his glittering red eyes are two black stripes ending down his muzzle and touching his under jaw. The inside of his jaws and tongue are a strange dark blue colour, and the ends of his front paws are jet black with white claws. A long black stripe leads of from the one trailing down his back and down the base of his leg, before curving at his paw joint and connecting all the way around the joint. There is a thin yet long scar extending underneath his chest concealed by his legs, a scar given to him after a mighty battle with his sister over the fate of the angelic race. Oszander once had two mighty wings extending from his back, but now there are simply two thick pieces of skin where no fur lay from where his wings were torn off upon falling to earth like a meteoroid.

Other forms: As an immortal, he would of been able to take hold of a "true form", but since his angelic wings are long longer present among his body, his has lost this ability to do so.

Height: 5'5''

Weight: --

History: Oszander was an angelic guardian, and Silver's older brother. The two worked together to banish evil, and were an inseparable duo of darkness fighters and peace keepers among the land of the high heavens. The two almost were like a pest service, appearing where-ever darkness was seen the angelic realm to quickly expel the problem. However, since Oszander was older, he had long since reached enlightenment, even before Silver was working towards her enlightenment and so was much wiser. So the day he discovered Silver had murdered his best friend out of spite and jealousy, he was appalled, and accused Silver, blackmailing her to give herself in to the angelic council for her crimes. However, Silver was stubborn, and launched herself at Oszander, engaging in a gruesome fight within the halls of the angelic court that ended in tragedy. Oszander, seeing how bias the angelic race that he belonged to could be, destroyed his wings and banished himself to earth as Silver called after him. He refused to be part of such a proud and tainted species, and so became classed as a fallen angel. Oszander eventually trained himself to become a Grim reaper of souls, and befriended Gemstone, a victim of Silver's gruesome rein as she was revived from the dead as a demon after being killed by Silver herself.

- Martial arts, even if he cannot perform these himself,
- Soul reaping,
- Architecture, specifically ancient Greek,
- Literature.

Habits: Oszander has a strange yet adorable habit of chasing his tail when bored, whether it be actually running around in a circle to catch his tail, or trying to slam his tail down with his paw as it moves away from him each time he strikes. He is extremely embarrassed about this habit and will get quietly flustered whenever it is brought up in conversation.

Talents: Soul reaping, writing literature, meditation techniques.

Preferred clothing: --

Attack technique: Oszander generally tends not to fight unless he truly has to in order to survive. When he is brought to fight, he will generally wait until the opponent attacks him before he confuses them with a defensive move, before dazing them with a harmless offensive, then summoning his weapon to quickly land a critical blow on the opponent. This final blow might not always kill them, but is definitely enough to knock the wind from their lungs and send them to the realm of unconsciousness.

Weapon of choice: Custom soul scythe - Gracious and Glorious.

Signature items/phrases/actions/places: Oszander can be commonly found wearing a necklace baring an angelic left wing with a diamond in the centre complimenting it, a reminder of when he was an angelic being living a luxurious life in the clouds above.
Oszander Potente, the fallen angel: Profile

*Dies from exhaustion*

As you may of seen from Silver's profile, Potente is Italian for 'Power', whilst Oszander's middle name: Vedere, is Italian for "Grasp" or "to grasp".
Enjoy~ ^^

Oszander: You're here!
Aether Jay: Soon!
Netheress: Soon!
Wyvern sketch! by WingedSilverWolf
Wyvern sketch!
Holy shit! Three deviations in a day? What's going on? ._.

Here's a quick sketch of a Wyvern dragon in my art book. For my final piece in three months I've been studying "fantastic and strange", and since dragons were the first thing that came to mind when thinking of that phrase, I've decided to base my final piece off dragonic studies and such. This dragon was originally meant to be based of Glamor from Bayonetta 2, but I wanted to stay organic with my final piece and so I dropped the Glamor design.

For my final piece, I plan to draw a dragon using pencils and black/red (heh, because Bayonetta and Jeanne, get it?) ink, but adding a modern sense to it adding headphones and stylised (Bayonetta-inspired) glasses with butterfly wing rims~!
Anyway, enjoy~
''Virtue'' by WingedSilverWolf
Man, two deviants published in one day.. what is this sorcery? 0_0

I thought I'd finalise Silver's redesigned character with an ink study of some sort, and yes that's red ink, not paint. I was given by my art teacher at school some ink brushes to practice with, and since I haven't use an ink brush in a while, I thought I'd remind myself on how to use them. This wasn't even going to include ink, the raised paw was originally going to be in a different position, holding a kitsune (Japanese fox demon) mask to Silver's face, but then I realised that a stream of blood red effect would be a lot more appealing (and colourful, for once).
I actually enjoy doing this little close-ups of my characters, so expect more of this sort of art in the future <3
I also might be putting this on Silver's account on Wolf-haven.. hmmm..

Silver's redesigned concept comes purely from the Bayonetta/DMC universe, the idea that angels are just as ugly as demon's underneath that graceful appearance. It's an interesting concept, and to be honest, I think's Platinum's opinion on the catholic church.
Wolf-haven: TheBigBadWolf template by WingedSilverWolf
Wolf-haven: TheBigBadWolf template
Thought I would just publish my Wolf-haven template, since I haven't posted anything digital for ages, and I think a few of you would be interested to see her emotes and stuff~
This entire template was coloured and edited by a user named Celenian, whilst I made the final edits, like editing the fireballs and adding some effects to the emotes. This template has been fully accepted by the staff artists and is currently being used by my main account, TheBigBadWolf.

Now I did dig up some old templates I had comissioned some digital artists for my two other accounts, SilverWolf1000 and Oszander, but I don't think I'll publish them since they're old and both Silver and Oszander's designs have changed since ^^

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