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Wolfy / Raiden
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom

I'm just a guy who does things. Art isn't my talent, it's just a hobby so don't expect anything too amazing from the gallery. I mainly draw traditional, but I will try digital or colour some free lineart every now and then ^^
Enjoy my stoofz c:

And before anyone brings this up, I'd just like to note that my art isn't open for criticism. Improvement is very personal to me and I'd rather work out how to develop on my own than have anyone else tell me how to do so. Because of this, I've disabled all comments on my art, however I've left any cosplay or literature open for criticism as that's not an area I take as personally as art ^^

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Okami stamp by Boarfeathers

Other places you can find me~
Wolf-Haven - TheBigBadWolf
Twitter - @PsycHOTicWolfy
Skype - live:gemmaledbury9 (Public name: TheBigBadWolf - Wolfy)
Google+ -

See you later!
FUKKIRETA stamp~~~ by CrystheWaterNinja
I know this a little overdue, as I hit 100+ watches about four days ago or so, with the much appreciated help of :iconlostinsorrows:, who helped get some recognition for my work. So, thanks a bunch, Sorrows, it's a difficult task spreading your art around when there are so many other artists on dA to soak up the attention! As for my watchers, new and old, I thank you for helping me get to this art-faring achievement, despite it being so small compared to many others. I don't see you as just users on dA who just wanna' gander at my artwork then leave, I see you as individuals, all interested in my works and the characters I slave over behind them. So seriously, a big thank you to both my lovely watchers, and Sorrows themselves <333

There is actually some stuff I wanted to talk about regarding my art, whilst we're here; that only around 1/3 pieces of my actual artwork make it on Deviantart, and some of them usually being deleted somewhere down the line, either from an unfixable, annoying mistake I spotted, or just a change in my characters that effects the previous artwork around them. Generally, I'm fairly insecure about my gallery, so a lot of designs, drawings and even draft literatures don't make it onto here -especially with character designs, considering I don't like other people looking at them-, so if there's ever a lack of a recent genre in this gallery, it's most likely because I refrained from putting the art onto here.

Another thing is, that I've finally finished finals, whoop whoop! Life is slowly returning to normal, and I've got my placement for a Level 2 certificate of Animal management and care in my college, so it'll definitely mean I'm entering education once again after my three month break is over. I also gathered up some friends from outside-of-school and burned our schoolwork in my back garden, which I have pictures of. They'll be at the bottom of the journal if you'd like to see them. As for my mental health, it's improving, and it has improved a lot since the weight of secondary school has been lifted, though I'm still suffering from a few aftershocks of depression, so I'll definitely have my moments (especially when my family are all being spiteful twats who just want to make my mental health worse than it already is), but hopefully it won't be expressed online, not on Deviantart, anyway.

Now, as for future plans for this gallery.. I'm not too sure. I'll definitely keep my characters updated, and literature will be on a constant flow as far as I'm concerned. What comes for my art? Who knows. I was planning on doing a visual novel at some point either this year or next, but I only have a few pieces of concept art for it, so if I really do plan on going ahead with it, it'll be around early 2017.. heh, time flies. I'm also hoping on getting a tablet soon, so I could hopefully move my characters and my styles away from paper and onto the screen, which'll hopefully help me with my terrible colouring abilities. I seriously need to work on that ^^'.

Anyway, thank you once again for 100+ watches! I don't really have much else to talk about here, so let the burning of the schoolwork commence! (Sorry for the blurry pictures TwT)

Poor work, didn't stand a chance..


LGBTQ pride! by WingedSilverWolf
LGBTQ pride!
A comical representation of myself and Gemstone celebrating some LGBTQ pride! I recently heard that America has finally allowed same-sex marriage in all states, which is about time, considering Canada legalised that shit around ten years ago. I originally intended to draw America plus myself celebrating gay pride, or myself and my lesbian character, Netheress, but considering Gemstone is my most known character among my friends, I decided to just go with her. The flags they're holding are transgender and bisexual flag, and their shirts represent the community overall. Never be afraid of visibility!

Also, my camera derped so the photo's lighting was messed up. I had to turn up contrast due to that. Hopefully I'll fix that soon c:

This is the first representation of me I've ever drawn. I always used Gemstone to represent my feelings, ideas and thoughts in the past, but finally decided I should get my own little guy. This does NOT mean he is a new character however, rather just someone to represent myself when Gemstone can't. His name is Raiden Toris Ledbury, nicknamed "Wolfy" or just "Toris", and is a cannibalistic chimera / demon, averaging around 5'9" with a husky British accent, much like myself. Raiden has spiked teeth, canine / demonic features, and two, small bat-like wings useful for gliding, but not necessarily flying. The demon can be very shy, but is generally loving and loud around companions. He can draw, write, and is very skilled with the guitar. He enjoys animation of all sorts, food, video games, literature, history and art, and is interested in rock, J-pop and film / video game music. Raiden's a little self-deprecating, arrogant, and can lock himself away from others for days during periods of depression. He is also socially anxious and partially colourblind. Raiden is very proud of his WoW dreadsteed "Death scream" or just "Azazel".

..I just described myself to you in a single, short paragraph.
Minus the cannibalistic, demon stuff, of course.
That's just to make him interesting, rather than plain and boring like myself ^^'
Soul-forged nation by WingedSilverWolf
Soul-forged nation
Ayee, I drew Prussia / Gilbert Beilschmidt from Hetalia c;
Would you believe
in a night like this?
A night like this?
When visions come true.

His kind had been almost wiped out due to his foolish actions. Decades of history gone in less than a day, the few survivors of the attack being spread out across the entirety of the world, unable to return to their once-sacred home in France.

Would you believe
in a tale like this?
A lay of bliss,
we're praising the old lore.

Florence knew his actions were in excusable. He shouldn't of left the gates to his world open when he was curious about what lied beyond, he shouldn't of exposed the home of the vampiric, horned immortals when he left. If he hadn't, his people wouldn't be nothing but ruins by now, as after the much younger Florence had left the tear between his world and the mortal world open, demons had attacked: the very thing the horned vampires were hiding from. He hated remembering the event, or more less the aftermath of the battleground he had witnessed upon returning to the gates. Bodies of horned vampires had laid scattered over the opening, the ruins that would phase passers into the small, underground society of Florence's kind was nothing but rubble and black fire, and few demons of all shapes and ranks still stalked the opening, keeping Florence from even seeing what had happened to his parents. They were dead, no doubt, but he had at least wanted to salvage something he could use to remind himself of them.
Because the fact that his best friend happened to be a demon reminded him every single day of his parents, friends, and overall species' demise.

Come to the blazing fire and,
see me in the shadows,
see me in the shadows.

No. Gemstone couldn't be blamed for the genocide. Firstly, she wasn't any of the demons that attacked the ruins, and secondly, she wasn't even born a demon, meaning he had nothing against her, even if her kind was responsible for wiping out his. Gemstone was biologically genderless, as most demons (besides succubus and incubus) are, and had as many negative powers as a highly-ranked demon would, but she trained herself into using these powers for good, such as using emotion manipulation powers to make those around her feel happy, reduce night terrors and relax them rather than giving them depressed and suicidal thoughts. She'd still use her powers for self defence, as he had many enemies, and still had to live off souls, but was generally quite peaceful for a chimera. Because of this, Florence cursed himself for holding any negative thoughts against her.

Songs I will sing,
of runes and rings,
just hand me my harp
and this night
turns into myth.

But still, how could he not resent her kind? If it wasn't for demons just being rivals of the tiny, defenceless kind, they wouldn't of had to hide themselves away underground for hundreds of years, their skin becoming weakened to sunlight and their need for blood ever so real. Every time Florence would see the chimera in demonic action - such as when they would go out hunting for criminals and outlaws to steal the blood and soul from, or when she would become frenzied and sprout black, feathered wings of death from her back, her eyes blazing with a light blue mist, or even when she would become her true form: a wolf-chimera hybird of shadows - he would become saddened, remember his peaceful kind and the underground society they thrived in.

Nothing seems real,
you soon will feel.
The world we live in,
is yet another scald.

"Hey, Bonnie, you in there?" a sudden voice spoke, breaking Florence from his thoughts as he was met with a large, blue tail being waved in front of him. Resting his chin in his hand, his sky-blue eyes travelled up and were met with equally blue ones, and the cogs of his brain turned as he took a minute to realise he had locked eyes with Serenity, his Spanish, bipolar bard who also happened to be a dragon. He then realised that he must of been daydreaming for the past few moments.
"You've been staring into the flames for the last few minutes, everything alright?" Ryujin chided from beside Serenity, who had sat up and began strumming on her larger instrument, playing a light tune to accompany the sleepy atmosphere of the campfire. Currently, Kasai, Angelika and Florence were sat around a camp fire within the woods, whilst Ryujin and Serenity settled gently behind them, and Gemstone sat in a larger tree etching scenery into her artbook with a sharpened pencil. Oszander lay in a branch on the opposite side of the large trunk, resting his eyes peacefully. Kasai and Angelika were quietly chattering, discussing general teenage things as Florence's silence went unnoticed by them.

Dream in the shadows,
dream in the shadows.

"I'm fine, I was just a little caught up in memories" 'Bonnie' answered, not noticing the concerned glances Serenity and Ryujin exchanged, knowing of his unforgettably troubled mind. Florence was humble, and no matter how troubled he was in his own world, he would never show it. Not because he was embarrassed, or because he sensitive, but only because he knew his legion would work themselves stupid to make him happy, and he'd rather not let a burden let his past become a priority of his new family. However, the legion were aware of his troubles, but Florence would never let them do anything about it. After all, what could you do about a broken past?

Do you believe,
there is sense in it?
Is it truth or myth?
They're one in my rhymes.

Florence's beautiful, sparkling eyes travelled to Gemstone, still sat up on that tree branch, one trousered leg hanging from the tree, her heavy, steel-capped, spiked boot dangling like a weight, her black tail hanging also and swaying with the wind, as she leaned the sketchbook against her other leg, bent at the knee. Florence couldn't see what she was sketching, but she seemed very confident with her work. Sighing once again and trying to blink away the white swirls that appeared in his eyes signalling feelings of upset, Florence raised his two arms into the air, and stretched them, quietly resting them behind his head before letting himself fall off the log he was seated on, coming into contact with the grassy ground beneath him as his legs dangled over the log still. Averting his eyes upwards into the star breached skies, scanning the navy painted sky for any unfound constellations. He couldn't help to be so mad at Gemstone's kind, he wish he didn't hold anything against Gemstone, but his tainted history told him otherwise.

Nobody knows,
the meaning behind
the weaver's line.
Nobody else
but the thorns know.

Florence let his muscles relax and contract gently as he closed his eyes, the darkness of his lids chasing away the thoughts of resent towards Gemstone. It was late, and Serenity's strums of her lute were gently lulling Florence into a deep slumber, as he let blissful peace overtake his body. The wings of the night became to fall upon him, covering him with her wings and blocking the outer world away from him, her soundless songs transferring him to a land of dreams and fairy dust, where he could be far away from his troubles and worries, and the bustle of the mortal world. Just as his senses were dulled and his world shut into darkness, a scaled, azure wing gently slid under his body, taking him quietly and laying him under the blankets of the sheep's wool, make-shift beds that had been set closer to the camp firer. Serenity's sharpened claws sheepishly tucked the grown man in, before she lifted her head to look over the flames at Kasai and Angelika, who smiling down at Florence's sleeping form. Serenity moved back over to Ryujin, but did not not even think to play her lute once more, and no one wanted to wake the troubled soul whilst he was away in a land that let him forget the rocky ruins of his destroyed society, or the grief it brought.

See me in the shadows,
see me in the shadows.

Gemstone's bicoloured gaze shifted from the etched sketch of the perched bird in her sketchbook, to Florence, who lay in his sheepskin bed, a small smile on his face. The legion had been travelling through the forests of France in search of any remains of Florence's old home, and Florence had searched tirelessly, night and day, for the past week, and so she was glad he was finally getting decent rest. Taking one look at her sketchbook, then back up at the brightly coloured bird she had been sketching before, she decided that she could finish the rest by memory tomorrow, and so tucked the book under her strong arm before leaping off the tree, her spiked boots coming soundlessly in contact with the long blades of green that infested the forest clearing. Her presence, however, did cause Oszander to raise his head slightly and open his eyes, and her two apprentices to turn and look at her, a large grin breaking onto Angelika's face followed by a small wave, and a tiny, shy smile to grace Kasai's. Pacing silently past the two, she placed her large, clawed hands on both Kasai and Angelika's heads, before giving them a small, friendly pat, and walking past the sleeping Florence. Oszander smirked a little, before resting his head back onto the forearm of his paw.

She took on the ground between Serenity and Ryujin, and was not surprised to feel a large, scaled wing wrap around her form and be pulled towards the Spaniard owner, before a much smaller wing was was wrapped around her below the larger wing, which was Serenity's second set of wings holding her too. Gemstone muttered a small "thanks" to Serenity for her offer of warmth, before her eyes laid on Florence, who was still blissfully lost in dream land. Closing her eyes, Gemstone brought her knees up onto her chest, and lay her head onto them, wrapping her arms around them aswell. She closed her eyes, and knowing Florence's inner demons, silently gave thanks that his troubled soul could finally rest, even if it was for one night. Little did she know, that the two dragons, single wolf and two mortals around her were thinking the exact same thing.

Songs I will sing,
of tribes and kings,
the carrion bird,
and the hall of the slain.
Nothing seems real,
you soon will feel,
the world we live in
is yet another scald.
((Wheel of remorse))
The song is "Skalds and Shadows" by Blind Guardian. I had to remove a few lines because of the lengthy nature of the song, and the relative similarity it holds with this particular piece of literature.
Anyway, hopefully sometime over the weekend I'll finally start and finish a piece of literature on my characters I've been wanting to do since Thursday, but got a little caught up with things (two big things, actually, I'll make a journal as soon as I can be bothered.. ^^'). It'll be about the connection between Ryujin, our Chinese, eastern dragon, and Serenity, our Hispanic, western dragon, and hold some themes regarding Serenity's bipolar disorder (and yes, I mean the real personality disorder. I didn't just use it as a describing word in this, she really does have manic depression).
Enjoy.. it's four am, I really need sleep ;w;
|Bloody sleeves| by WingedSilverWolf
|Bloody sleeves|
Chibi!Gemstone went on a rampage apparently.. I did promise I'd do more of these chibis but I even forgot to just put this on deviantart despite how I drew it threw weeks ago so yeah..
Haaa, Chibi!Gemstone looks so menacingly cute, what the hell <33333
Enjoy ^^

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